Market Pauses

What are market pauses?

Markets are paused when there are conditions affecting the contract reliability (like failure in backend jobs, etc.). Markets being paused would imply that no bets will be taking place for any rounds until the issue is resolved.

What causes Nexter Prediction market to pause?

The prediction market will pause under the following conditions:
  • The prediction contract has been unable to obtain the price from the Chainlink oracle due to the oracle not having posted the price at the time the round has ended
  • The prediction contract has been unable to execute an action (ending a round or getting a price from the oracle) due to the transaction being stuck

When will the markets resume after being paused?

The Nexter tech team manually resumes the market after identifying the issue.

What happens to my position if the market pauses?

If the markets pause while you have a position in the LIVE round, the round will be canceled.

What happens if a round is canceled?

If a round is canceled, your funds will be eligible for a refund, the same way as you would normally claim your winnings.

How do I claim my refund in case of no opposing bet/round cancellation?

To claim refunds, you’ll need to follow the same process as collection on winning payouts. For details on collecting your winning payouts, please refer to the General Questions FAQ section covered earlier.
Note: Platform transaction fees will, however, be deducted from the amount you receive. You will also have to incur the gas fees for using the chain services. We can’t compensate you directly for these deductions, so please bear this small risk in mind while participating.